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    Company Culture

    Enterprise philosophy: vertical quality -- good product quality, the quality of the staff, good management of high quality

    Tree letter -- on Enterprise Honesty, integrity, to employees to customers in good faith, to the social good faith

    Ahead of ahead -- concept, leading technology, leading, management marketing

    Enterprise core values: respect for the individual, the pursuit of better,faithfulness

    Enterprise spirit: unity, innovation, dedication of civilization

    Code of conduct: responsibility, innovation, loyalty, civilization

    Business purposes: at any time and place, provide first-class quality productsand services to customers

    The 5 five year plan:

    First five year goals: sales break million

    In 2014 108000000

    Second five year goals: group operation

    STS group (passive, active products, product diversification)

    In the whole industry chain, do the competitiveness of the industry before three

    Third five year goals: listed

    The capital operation, the competitiveness of the industry first

    Fourth five year goals: International Strategy

    Based on the China, embrace the world

    Fifth five year goals: the operation of the fund

    Professional operation, evergreen, charity, return the human

    The concept of STS:

    Product: quality is our survival only

    Market: customers choose us, is the starting point for growth

    Management: strict management, feeling out of it

    Business: to create the energy required products, create green

    Service: the customer is supreme, the customer is supreme, the customer is supreme

    STS values:

    Green contribution to create the development platform, everyone can live and work in peace

    STS creed:

    Keeping pace with the times, change, development opportunities, and never give up the dream ""

    Relationship with suppliers, employee relationship, relationship, and peerrelationship, social relationship, world natural relationship

    The STS mission:

    A green energy, is STS

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