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    Company Profile

    Satons (Shanghai) power supply Co., Ltd. is located in the business section of Shanghai Dahongqiao,with convenient transportation.The company specializes in the research and development and manufacture filters,reactons and transformers,and provides integrated power quality solutions such as harmonic control,reactive power compensation and electromagnetic interference.

    The introduction of German design technology,advanced production technology,sophlisticated equipment,complete test platform.The company attaches great importance to technology development and technological innovation,and has always enjoyed a high reputation among uesrs.The company will continue to drive by technological innovation,strengthen product serialization,modularization,standardization and internationalization,continue to meet market demand,inprove product quality,and comtinuously develop hign-quality products with high technical content.The company always regards quality as life,based on honesty,develops steadily,and wins market by quality and reputation.






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