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    Intelligent amorphous alloy transformer: Smart Gri

    Experts have described to us the future of intelligent life: get home message in the office, informed the instant state television, refrigerator, air conditioning appliances; we issued a directive,household electrical appliances will be in accordance with the command. Intelligent life supportneeds of smart grid, smart grid implementation, cannot do without the intelligence of amorphous alloy transformer.

    Intelligent amorphous alloy transformer is the core equipment of the smart grid, the technical leveland has great role in promoting the construction of smart grid.

    In 2012, Shandong electric group developed 3 kinds of new generation of intelligent amorphous alloy transformer, has passed the test. The successful development of intelligent amorphous alloy transformer, by the Shandong electric group as an important achievement of the 2012.

    Advance planning research of intelligent transformer

    China State Grid Corp is to speed up the construction of strong smart grid. To meet the needs of the development of smart grid, intelligent first amorphous alloy transformer and other equipment, tointeract with grid management system, realize the visualization of state control of terminalequipment, network and automation, ensure the equipment running in a safe, reliable, economic condition.

    "This is a combination of a kind of strong and weak, modern sensor technology, control technologyand information network technology used in power equipment technology innovation. Compared with the traditional design of amorphous alloy transformer, amorphous alloy transformer needs to break through many key technologies and problems." Shandong electric group of technical expertssay.

    In 2007, the Shandong electric group Shandong electric power equipment company has embarked on the intelligence development of amorphous alloy transformer. At that time, the intelligentamorphous alloy transformer is a fuzzy concept, Shandong electric power equipment company take "the development strategy of small strides, breach of one by one key technology of the intelligentamorphous alloy transformer.

    In October 31, 2011, 220000 volt intelligent amorphous alloy transformer is successfully applied in Shandong province the first intelligent substation, substation of Weifang Yi ming. At the same time,Shandong electric group belongs to another company - Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Co., Ltd.has also made significant progress, the successful development of the first 220000 kV intelligentamorphous alloy transformer and the first 500000 kV intelligent amorphous alloy transformer,respectively, for China's first 220000 volts and 500000 volts (Xi Jing) (South Changchun) in smart substation.

    A new generation of intelligent technology to overcome the problem

    With the development of grid, China State Grid Corp proposed the construction of a new generation of intelligent substation planning, put forward higher requirements on the performance of intelligenttransformer. In 2011 December, the company has held two on the "test" smart high-voltageequipment meeting, a clear amorphous alloy transformer manufacturers must the intelligence of amorphous alloy transformer (amorphous alloy transformer, sensor, intelligent component) is responsible for testing, have ability of amorphous alloy transformer. It pointed out the direction for the development of intelligent amorphous alloy transformer, put forward new requirements for the enterprise, opportunities and challenges coexist.

    Shandong electric group technology R & D center and test center personnel composition of intelligent amorphous alloy transformer joint research project group, the key technical problems in accordance with the new requirements. They carried out the demand for research on theintelligence of amorphous alloy transformer intelligent detection system, determine the testequipment needed, on the one hand the integration of resources within the group, to form the overall operations, joint research work situation, mutual exchange of needed products, work together to tackle.

    In 2012 May, during the 220000 volt transformer intelligent non performance testing of amorphous alloy, members of the project team for 7 consecutive days tracking test, from the equipment,installation, configuration, debugging connection to the final completion of the test, not a moment to relax. When the test results to achieve the desired, we face it with a smile. Intelligent amorphous alloy transformer R & D chief designer Wang Xingang said: "only we know, behind the success of a crystallization of how much bitterness and stick."

    In 2012 May, experts in the Chinese Electric Power Research Institute under the witness of 220000 volts, a new generation of intelligent amorphous alloy transformer disposable test successful. This is the first domestic China State Grid Corp certification through intelligent amorphous alloy transformer. Then in July and December, the other two products also passed the test, marking theShandong Electric Group has manufacturing and testing of 220000 volts and 110000 voltsintelligent amorphous alloy transformer.

    "We want to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, increase scientific and technologicalproject research efforts to develop new products to meet the requirements of the development ofthe smart grid." In the future, Shandong electric

    Electric Group General Manager Zhao Qichang said with confidence.

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