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    Superior bad discard Photovoltaic industry by fore

      Recently, a foreign capital merger and acquisition news already jittery domestic photovoltaic industry atmosphere more nervous: global pv inverter giant - Germany SMA company for the price of 160 million yuan, bought a leading photovoltaic inverter production enterprises - jiangsu megavolt love new energy co., LTD. 72.5% stake. Acquisition which is considered to be very low prices, has caused some concern of the industry, some even to the acquisition of expressed "the ire of love", because in this way, the foreign enterprise will be openly enjoy Chinese government investment and subsidies to the industry, especially in foreign markets are "closed door" to us.
      In fact, the concern is understandable, ire is really not necessary. Because this is just a consolidation of the normal phenomenon, in today's deepening economic globalization, cross-border m&a is a kind of normal market behavior, it is not necessary to have what psychological imbalance. The same thing domestic companies are doing. On January 9, han can complete to holding group headquarters in Beijing officially MiaSole, technology leading U.S. solar companies mergers and acquisitions, which surpassed the United States first solar (FirstSolar), become the world's largest thin-film solar companies. Evolution, this is the most basic market economic laws.
      And, for serious overcapacity is of great importance to industrial structure adjustment and upgrading of domestic photovoltaic industry, such mergers and acquisitions have not a good thing. One is that China's photovoltaic market is attractive and investment value. Under the national a series of favorable policies to stimulate, huge Chinese domestic demand market start to sensitive foreign capital to sniff out the business opportunity, this will also increase the confidence in the troubled domestic photovoltaic industry, and confidence is more important than gold, confident and good industry is promising.
         On the other hand, the domestic photovoltaic industry mergers and acquisitions to long-standingdeep, the elimination of backward production capacity, improve industrial concentration and competitiveness, which is also home to a clear policy direction. The 5 policy measures at the end of last year, the State Council executive meeting to determine clearly pointed out, we should give full play to the role of market mechanism, reduce government intervention, prohibiting local protection,speed up industrial restructuring and technological progress, make good use of the market "Daobi mechanism", to encourage corporate mergers and reorganization, eliminate backward production capacity, improve the level of technology and equipment.

         Excessive intervention and promotion of part of the local government is one of the causes of the photovoltaic industry deficiency heat. Therefore, the market return market, do the industry guidance and market environment construction, to save the industry rather than save companies outside the industry to become a consensus. That is to say, the survival of the fittest, portfolio optimization,industry reshuffle is inevitable, "damn the enterprise must die", only this Like, can we truly achieve the quality rather than the size of the growth, will form a more active,orderly and competitive industry structure.

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