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    Energy BKGL - 10000/35 half dry core shunt reactor

     With capacity through the dry iron core shunt reactor (BKGL - 10000/35) with of dry type hollow shunt reactor (BKGKL - 10000/35), the results of laboratory tests of combination suburb of xi 'an high voltage power supply bureau substation use BKGL - 10000/35 the actual condition of dry type half core shunt reactor, field test, the statistic, emphatically from the energy saving effect and economic benefit and social benefit analysis, to the user for demonstration.
    1. The total project investment
    Equipment (a group of three) a total investment of 900000 yuan.
    2. The applicable objects
    Dry type half core shunt reactor is a kind of is installed in the transmission system to compensate the capacitive current of transmission lines, voltage rise and operating over-voltage limit system, in order to maintain the system voltage stability, high efficiency and energy saving equipment are suitable for all kinds of voltage grade distribution substation.
    3. The energy-saving benefit
    Choose when northern suburbs of xi 'an substation expansion BKGL - 10000/35 reactor, the actual equipment investment is 300000 yuan/per set, with capacity BKGKL - 10000/35 (260000 yuan/units) more than a single investment of 40000 yuan/units. Dry type half core shunt reactor in the year after power saving 145000 kWh, calculated on mains electricity price 0.5 yuan/kWh, can produce benefit 72500 yuan a year, annual CO2 emission reduction is about 149.94 tons.
    4. The payback period
    Project investment payback period of 20 months.
    5. Case source companies
    The northern suburbs of xi 'an high voltage power supply bureau substation.
    6. Monitoring unit
    Xi 'an energy-saving monitoring center.
    7. Research summary of case analysis
    Northern suburbs of xi 'an high voltage power supply bureau substation expansion in 2001, choose to install on the 330/110 kv power transmission and transformation line dry BKGL - 10000/35 half core shunt reactor is a group of three, on February 1, 2002 put into operation, running in good condition, various technical indexes meet the use requirement.
    The case analysis is based on product technology have units in xian Yang electrical appliance co., LTD., with the capacity of production BKGKL - 10000/35 w of dry type hollow shunt reactor technology parameters as a benchmark, contrast analysis research. Because the enterprise production of dry type hollow shunt reactor in the same industry in a leading water

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