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    Output filter
    Output filterRFO Series
    Product introduction
    Output filters using high quality components, to ensure that the use of stability, security.
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    One, product features

    1 of the rated voltage: 250V/440V; 690V/1140V (can be customized with differentvoltage grades)

    2 working frequency: 0 ~ 120 (Hz)

    3 high voltage test (1 minutes): line 2250VDC, line to line 1500VDC

    4 temperature range: -25 ~ 85 (c)

    5 insulation resistance: line to ground (300A) ≥ 1500M (Europe)

    The 6 switch frequency: Fmax = 60KHz

    7.Dv/Dt inhibition, overvoltage suppression, reduce the frequency of electromagnetic interference

    The 8 current capacity, work from the current 1 to 1600 (A)

    9 output filter using high quality components, to ensure that the use of stability,security

    10 reduce the frequency converter and motor winding loss, for inverter output filter

    Two, the technical parameters

    Output impedance: 1 (K Ω

    Input impedance: 5 (K Ω

    The stopband attenuation (dB): 10

    Insertion loss (dB): 40

    The reference temperature: -25 ~ 85 (c)

    Drive level: 35 (mW)

    Load resonant resistance: 50 (Ω

    The load capacitance (pF): 55

    The total frequency difference: 15 (MHz)

    The temperature and frequency difference: 10 (MHz)

    Adjust the frequency difference: 10 (MHz)

    The nominal frequency (MHz): 50/60

    Category: filter

    Model No.: RFO-200


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