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    Harmonic filter
    Harmonic filterHFI Series
    Product introduction
    Harmonic filter using electromagnetic induction and reactor principle, professional development, filter capacitor with high performance of cascaded filter device of high linearity, combined into a filter compensation system, in the absorption system harmonic components at the same time, the compensation of wattless power.
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    One, product introduction
       Harmonic filter using electromagnetic induction and reactor principle, professional development, filter capacitor with high performance of cascaded filter device ofhigh linearity, combined into a filter compensation system, in the absorptionsystem harmonic components at the same time, the compensation of wattless power. HFI filter will be dynamic wattless compensation, filtering and fused into one, can quickly follow the load variation, can inhibit the absorption of current fluctuation, harmonic and reactive power compensation without the three main functions.
    Two, performance specification

    1 zero tracks the variation of load, harmonic current of <10%;

    2 dynamic wattless compensation, filtering function com., inhibit the absorptioncurrent fluctuation, harmonic and three main functions of wattless compensation;

    3 harmonic elimination and bypass function, small space occupation, convenient installation;

    4 harmonic filter can operate safely for at least ten years, low cost;

    5 the harmonic filter product can be matched with Siemens, ABB, Schneider and other brands, according to customer requirements to match the professionalproducts.

    Three, electrical performance index

    Voltage: 220 ~ 1140 (V), the allowable deviation ± 10%

    Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz ± 5Hz

    Harmonic governance: full of THD<10% harmonic current, harmonic number 2n-1=1 ~ 40

    The harmonic voltage: THD<5%

    The filtering effect: conform to, IEC61000, GB/T14549-93

    Power factor: COS with >0.9

    The use of the environment: operating temperature: -10 ~ +50 (c)

    The storage temperature: -40 ~ +65 (c)

    Humidity: 0 ~ 98 (%), no condensation

    Height: <2000M

    Structure: the standard structure, floor mounted, or custom (optional)

    Insulation grade: F, H

    Capacity: 7.5 ~ 500 (KW)

    Overload capacity: 120% overload rating work for 30 minutes

    Product type: STS-HF-5/400-100

    Brand: Satons
    Installation: installed separately, supporting the installation, or custom (optional),heat dissipation space around the 100mm filter set.

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