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    High frequency transformer
    High frequency transformerSGG Serise
    Product introduction
    High frequency transformer is as part of the main switch power supply.
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    One, product description
           High frequency transformer is as part of the main switch power supply. Switching power supply usually adopts the half bridge power converter circuit, when the twoswitching transistor in turn to generate 100kHz pulse wave, and then through thehigh frequency transformer step-down, output low voltage alternating current,high frequency transformer turns ratio of each winding is determines how muchoutput voltage. Half bridge transformer circuit typical of the most prominent is thethree main transformer, high frequency transformer: drive transformer and auxiliary transformer (standby transformer) transformer, each have their ownstandards in the state, such as main transformer, as long as the power of more than 200W, the core diameter (height) shall not be less than 35mm. And theauxiliary transformer, the power is less than 300W when the core diameter of 16mm is enough.  
    Two, the technical parameters

    Rated power (KVA): 1000/10000

    Efficiency (η):97

    Voltage ratio: 400/220 (V)

    Structure: vertical

    Cooling method: natural cooling

    Moisture: open style

    The winding number: double winding

    Core structure: heart type

    Cooling type: dry

    Core shape: R

    The power of a few: single phase

    Frequency characteristics: high frequency

    Model No.: SGG-013

    Scope of application: Construction

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