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    EPS special transformer
    EPS special transformerSGEPS Serise
    Product introduction
    Large power on-line EPS special transformer series products, with its high input impedance, low noise, low temperature rise, high efficiency, high insulation, long life and low price advantage has gradually become the preferred brand power production enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region of the.
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    One,product description
            Large power on-line EPS special transformer series products, with its high input impedance, low noise, low temperature rise, high efficiency, high insulation, long life and low price advantage has gradually become the preferred brand power production enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region of the. High input impedance inverter transformer can provide power more good impact resistance,can effectively reduce the power of the output voltage and current harmonic content, improve the input power factor, raise the efficiency of the machine.    

    Two, product features

    1 the EPS special transformer with high impedance, high conversion efficiency of electric energy;

    2 uses the high quality iron core and the special construction method, productswith 0 has a low noise, low vibration;

    3 continuous rating;

    4.Leakage inductance of the product, wiring and voltage can be made according to the requirements.

    Three, the technical parameters

    Rated power (KVA): 50/60

    Efficiency (η):98

    Voltage ratio: 380/220 (V)

    Structure: vertical

    Cooling method: natural cooling

    Moisture: open style

    The winding number: self coupling

    Core shell structure

    Cooling type: dry

    Core shape: E

    The power of a few: three-phase

    Frequency characteristics: low frequency

    Model No.: SGEPS-30/10

    Scope of application: Construction

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