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    Hollow current limiting reactor
    Hollow current limiting reactorXKDKL Serise
    Product introduction
    From the same branch feeder bus leads often on the hollow current limiting reactor, to limit the short-circuit current feeder, and maintain the bus voltage, not due to short circuit and low feeder.
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    One,product description
    1.Adopting vacuum epoxy resin impregnated with high quality, and high temperature curing. The product has the advantages of energy saving,inductance linearity, precision, reactance coil temperature distribution, dynamic thermal stability of high. Anti short circuit, overload ability. Insulation strength,electromagnetic field uniformity. Low loss, low temperature rise. Long service life,maintenance free. Low noise. Flame retardant, no pollution, small size, light weight and convenient use, installation use. Hollow current limiting reactor is generally used for distribution lines. From the same branch feeder bus leadsoften on the hollow current limiting reactor, to limit the short-circuit currentfeeder, and maintain the bus voltage, not due to short circuit and low feeder. Andweather resistant coating on its surface treatment: spray coating has high insulation resistance and room temperature vulcanized silicone rubberhydrophobicity (RTV), with excellent insulating properties of RTV adhesive, so the reactor surface resistance to maintain good insulation properties, the reactorproduct surface tree technique. Discharge phenomenon has very good effect. In order to ensure the safe operation of hollow current limiting reactor in the outdoor environment.
    2.Electromagnetic optimization calculation and 3D structure design of computerapplication of the product, using epoxy glass fiber reinforced multi encapsulationparallel structure, control the use of advanced technology and computerproduction equipment and the introduction of test equipment for production and testing. The product has good linearity, low loss of inductance, uniform temperature distribution, good strength, insulation has the advantages of high mechanical strength, low noise, small office, small volume, light weight,waterproof, flame retardant, strong overload capacity, high reliability,maintenance free, no pollution, environmental effect etc..
    Two, the technical parameters

    Insulation: dry type reactor

    There is no core: hollow reactor

    Product certification: CE

    Use: current limiting reactor

    Rated current: 40 ~ 5000 (A)

    System rated voltage: 6 ~ 35 (KV)

    Model No.: XKDKL-10-400-5

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