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    mains filter
    mains filterPFI Serise
    Product introduction
    Mains filter is suitable for all kinds of DC power line filter, in the 10KHz - band can effectively filter the power line interference 50MHz.
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    One, product description
          Mains filter is suitable for all kinds of DC power line filter, in the 10KHz - band caneffectively filter the power line interference 50MHz. There are a variety ofconnection mode and the appearance of the structure can choose. Electronic equipment, widely used in all kinds of DC power supply switching power supply,power module, communication equipment, medical equipment and otherelectromechanical integration equipment. Also according to the specific requirements of user customized various structure, filter circuit and high voltageproducts.
    Two, product use

           Mains filter is mainly used for electromagnetic interference of DC power line; in a very wide frequency band (10KHZ ~ 30MHZ) range with excellent common mode and differential mode insertion loss; high performance, low temperature rise, low price; can assist with DC power supply of all kinds of electronic equipment to VDEand FCC standard.
    Three, the technical parameters

    Output impedance: 5 (K Ω

    Input impedance: 10 (K Ω

    The stopband attenuation (dB): 10

    Insertion loss (dB): 30

    The reference temperature (60 )

    Drive level: 50 (mW)

    Load resonant resistance: 35 (Ω

    The load capacitance (pF): 60

    The total frequency difference: 50 (MHz)

    The temperature and frequency difference: 10 (MHz)

    Adjust the frequency difference: 55 (MHz)

    The nominal frequency: 30 (MHz)

    Category: filter

    Model No.: PFI-010



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