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    Amorphous alloy transformer
    Amorphous alloy transformerSTS-SCBH15 Serise
    Product introduction
    Amorphous alloy transformer imported environmental protection type filled epoxy resin casting, with flame retardant, self quenching etc fireproof function.
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    One, product features
    1.Physical properties and good power-saving features:
         Crystal structure of material and silicon amorphous alloy completely differentmagnetization and demagnetization more beneficial for. The iron chip thickness is very thin, only 0.025mm, not the commonly used silicon steel sheet 1/10.Lamination factor is low, the saturation magnetic flux density is low, the three-phase transformer magnetic flux density is 1.25 ~ 1.35 Gauss, the new materialfor iron core of transformer, not only has good energy efficiency, energy savingand environmental benefits; equivalent to reduce the amount of electricity andreduce the construction of thermal power plants, thus reducing CO2, SO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions from power plants. Amorphous alloy transformer with high saturation magnetic induction intensity, low loss, low vibration, current, good temperature stability and other characteristics. The filled epoxy resin vacuum casting technology, SC (B) has all the characteristics of a series transformer.
    2.Insulation system safety, environmental protection, reliable:
         Amorphous alloy transformer imported environmental protection type filled epoxy resin casting, with flame retardant, self quenching etc fireproof function. Do not emit toxic gases and substances, there is no harm to human body, no pollution to the environment, is a new generation of environmentally friendly products.
    3."Three" excellent ability, good mechanical strength, no cracking phenomenon:
          By casting the import H epoxy resin under vacuum condition, high purity siliconpowder as filler, thermal expansion coefficient close to the copper (Cu 16 × 10-6/ ℃), can shrink and copper wire synchronous expansion, the tensile strength of 68MP. Amorphous alloy transformer under short circuit force will not have anyinfluence of transformer structure phenomenon, greatly improving the ability of anti short circuit. The resin structure, with anti heat, anti salt spray, anti mildew"three" function, suitable for all kinds of bad indoor environment.

    4.Long service life:
    Amorphous alloy transformer is used H (temperature of 125K) epoxy resininsulation levels to produce F grade (100K transformer temperature rise), theoperation of Wen Shengyuan in the limit value.
    5.Stable and reliable operation, maintenance free:
          Imported epoxy resin with excellent electrical performance; and the specialwinding structure, glass mesh cloth strengthening process, good permeability of resin, stop gap exists, to ensure that the amount of partial discharge <5PC each product factory. Thermal conductivity with filler resin has better, timely heat coilinterior to the surface, bulk amorphous alloy transformer using axial ventilation channel design, amorphous alloy transformers can long with 120 ~ 130 (%) load operation, forced air cooling can run 150% rated load. Operation and maintenance free, both SC (B) of all the series, is a new generation of high-quality transformer.

    Two, the technical parameters

    Standard: GB1094.11-2007, GB/T10228-2008

    Capacity range: 200 ~ 2500 (KVA)

    Voltage: 10KV

    Voltage ratio: 10/0.4 (KV)

    Pressure range: + 5% or + 2 * 2.5%

    Frequency: 50HZ

    Connection: Dyn11, Yyn0

    Cooling: air cooling or air cooling AF AN

    Insulation grade: F or H

    Insulation level: 10KV -- LI75AC35/AC3

    Protection grade: IP20 or IP23

    Voltage regulation mode: no excitation voltage or load voltage

    Conditions of use: indoor, elevation ≤ 1000m, ambient temperature ≤ 40 ℃,relative humidity up to 100%, according to user requirements of amorphous alloy transformer can provide operation in special conditions.

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